How Going Back To A Job Propelled My Journaling Business

I have shared my journey through my blogs, podcast and social media outlets. While a lot of people say they aren’t comfortable being transparent exposing their flaws and failures as I am, I knew that was the only way I could get where I needed to be.

Last year, I went back into the classroom.

At first, I felt shame having been an “entrepreneur” for over 5 years at that point.

Someone who has followed me for a long time stated she was surprised by my reason for closing Women Are Gamechangers. She thought I was successful. In fact, a lot of people did.

That’s why perception can be deceiving.

But after a few checks from the school, my shame was nonexistent. I made a plan on what to do with that money. One goal was to be 100% business debt-free. And I still am. I was also able to climb out of my personal financial hole.

I’m in a good place mentally, emotionally, financially.

WAGC, the business, may be closing but it has allowed me to learn so much about myself and what it means to be a true entrepreneur. It was my training ground.

The purpose of this post is a tugging God keeps pulling on me. I told myself my job was only temporary. I needed the money quick. The checks come like clock work too. Then I started to truly like teaching in the refugee department.

Then comes Trump ruining the BEST job I’ve ever had.

I was then switched to International students. Let’s say I wish Trump was already impeached so I can return to teaching in the refugee department.

Through my consistent journaling, I have made some declarations about all aspects of my life. The most prominent being the Truth Confidant™ will be a profitable and financially successful business.

Each day, I teach some new ish pops up. I know it’s God telling me this situation is temporary and not to get too comfortable.

But if the refugee calls, I’m answering. IJS.

Right now, I have a focus to teach journaling because it’s my sweet spot. It’s combining teaching, writing and living in peace all in one place. At least for me. As much as I love teaching, God has made it explicitly clear my time in the classroom is coming to a close. I don’t know where God is leading me, but I’m going  to take my one step at a time as I follow.

In my mind, this post came off inspirational and enlightening for you.

But it may sound like a jumbled mess. Here’s the point I want to make.

God places us in temporary situations as a way to prepare us for something bigger. But we can’t handle or appreciate the something bigger until we’re prepared for it. We laid a strong foundation for it to flourish. The temporary situation allows us to let go of everything holding us back. Everything putting fear and doubt in us is challenged through our temporary situations.

I know I was born for greatness. I own that.

So, I appreciate the lessons and challenges my temporary situation has afforded me to experience. I gained what I needed to put myself in a good place financially. Even though I don’t know my exact last day, I do know when I decided to walk away an email came through later that day that was exactly what I have been working towards since January 2017.

I mean literally Monday morning I decided that it was getting close to the time for me to leave the classroom again. And when I got home that evening the email I least expected yet everything I worked for was waiting for me.

Without journaling I would not have been in this mindset to accept when to let go and move on to the next stage in life. Often we hold onto something for dear life knowing it’s time for that to be removed. Yes, I’m still holding onto a situation that I just haven’t accepted to let go of yet. Sad thing is it’s the only situation I just haven’t accepted that it’s time to let go of. All other situations have been removed or at the last step in the process of removing out of my life.

Without journaling I would not have been so focused on cleansing myself of all negativity and ensure I’m a complete, whole and healthy woman so I can fulfil the assignment God has given to me.

Without jornaling I may not have gotten to my state of living in peace.

Whatever you want is on the other side of journaling.

At least I believe so.


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