Follow Your Passion Is Not Always Bankable

If you spend an incredible amount of time online like I do, then ‘follow your passion’ is something you can’t go a day let alone an hour without seeing or hearing.

I find that to be a lie.

What people are passionate about doesn’t or shouldn’t always translate into monetization.

I love and enjoy running a blog association. Is it my passion? Absolutely, not. I sat down, created a plan, learned the skills and executed. I got good at it.

I saw a need and filled the void.

I see people say their passionate about helping others find their purpose. Yet, when you ask them they can’t define their own. How do you expect to make money from something that’s not clear to you?

I believe if you love something and you’re passionate about it, then do it. But you don’t always have to monetize it.

I love baking brownies. I excel at it. I’ve had professional bakers compliment me on it. People flock to the pan when I make them. But I refuse to monetize that passion.

A passion is something that’s supposed to be enjoyable. When you’re stuck working into the wee hours of the morning on spreadsheets, budgets, marketing plans….would you still have passion for what you’re doing?

Probably, not.

But if you focus on your skillset and monetize that, you’ll have the money to explore, enjoy and follow your passion.

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