Fake Outrage Against Pastor John Gray

So it seems everyone is up in arms about Pastor John Gray meeting with Trump along with other black preachers. Well, a lot of people are. I read one article and that’s it. I saw a few tweets and Facebook updates but didn’t pay too much attention. And I didn’t watch him on CNN speaking with Don Lemon either.

Why as a black community do we get so upset at preachers when they meet with politicians?

We yell for separation of church and state yet we continually seek them out to help us decide who to vote for. If you truly care about what happens to you and yours you will not seek what a preacher will do.

You know why?

They are looking to vote for who will benefit them most. They’re people and have to take care of their home, first. You should take personal responsibility to educate yourself on who’s running. Hop off Facebook or Twitter and use Google to learn more about your politicians. Then watch them to see if their actions match their words. That’ll show one’s true integrity.

If you truly care about holding politicians accountable, then subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on social media or attend one of their public meetings. Then hold them to their word. Preachers are experts in scripture. Well most are, anyway. They’re not experts in politics. So stop boycotting them when they make a decision that works for them.

Besides most of us have short-term memories anyway.

How long did the boycott against Starbucks, CVS and Waffle House last before you went back? The constant state of rage you put yourself in will only lead to high blood pressure, a load of stress, higher retweets and a little recognition.

In the end, you stepping into the rooms to have your voice heard should be something you do. If that’s not for you, stop faulting those who choose to make that decision. Pastor John Gray and those other preachers made a choice. For whatever reason, they chose to sit in that room. I have no qualms against them because it’s their cross to bear for that decision not mine. I don’t particularly care for the Ohio preacher but I’m not here to talk about that charlatan. 

For the record, I will not boycott Pastor John Gray because he has helped to pull me out of a dark hole. He speaks the truth. Whether you agree with his choice to sit next to Trump and pray for him makes no difference. The truth is the truth and some people make decisions we don’t agree with. We can’t cut off and boycott everyone who makes one decision we don’t agree with.

How many of you hang out with people who has

betrayed or backstabbed your family or friend? Or

molested, raped or beat a woman/child in your family?  

If you can still kick it with those people, then who are you to judge someone sitting in a room with a racist lunatic?

I don’t know, maybe, get together and create a collective so our community can build economic power and we can put people in elected offices who will help our community. That’s something to do other than bash a Pastor for making a choice which we all do daily that will benefit us most.

Here’s a suggestion: Check out his ‘Speed of’ series and work on you.



This series helped me so much. I hope you listen to the words and not focus so much on the messenger.


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