Emotionally Molesting Your Success

Are you forcing yourself to feel inadequate by comparing your level of success to people in your circle?

What Instagram account has you thinking you’re inadequate in your business?

What Facebook page makes it seem you’re not doing enough in your business?

This month is Mental Health Awareness month. And one aspect of life most entrepreneurs put on the back burner is taking care of their mental health. It’s often a challenge if you compare where you are in business right now to what you see others posting on social media. But let’s look past the perception.

mental health awareness month

Mental Health Awareness month isn’t just for those who suffer but for everyone who has moments of hopelessness and despair. We have to stop looking at others and dive deep within to see where we should be headed. That way we know the type of help we need to seek.

You may or may not feel one way or another when looking at people you follow or admire but it’s the people you know, the ones you call friend, who you deep down compare your level of success to. On the outside you may say you’re happy for them but deep down you’re wondering how they’re doing it. We’ve all had these thoughts at one point on our journey.

  • When you begin to obsess over every single move they make or buy everything they sell without actually pouring into your own business, you’re emotionally molesting your success.
  • When you repeatedly watch and read every piece of content they put out then reshare it without creating your own content, you’re emotionally molesting your success.
  • When you praise everything they do publicly but haven’t told anyone privately what you’re doing in your business, you’re emotionally molesting your success.

It’s healthy to admire, respect and celebrate others. But what’s not healthy is doing it to the determent of your own success.

Who cares if your business friend has something going on or coming up if you’re planning something.

You can’t allow your “friends” notoriety or name dictate the moves you make in your business. I’ve seen this happen a lot. People become fearful that their friend with a bigger name or audience will overshadow what they’re doing so they don’t do anything.

Guest what?

Someone bigger will always be doing something. They didn’t get big by playing small. It’s happened to me. I even shared how I felt the first time it happened. But I never stopped doing stuff. Even to this day.

Didn’t Beyonce say,

“winners never quit on themselves.”

So don’t quit building your success because you fear being in the shadow of someone else. In order for you to stop the emotional molestation from happening in your business, you have to STOP putting others (who are bigger than you or your “friend”) before your business. You must get out of your idea and planning phase and leap into the implementation phase.

I have business friends who are doing insanely well and  incredible things in business. But the moment I defined what success looks like to me, I was able to stop the emotional molestation of comparison I was putting myself through.


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