Dream Big. Start Small.

Celebrating Small Business Week 2016

This week the Small Business Administration is celebrating small businesses  across  the country. Anyone who starts a business usually has these big dreams attached to it and most often have to start small. Even though the statistics are ultimately 9 out of 10 small businesses don’t make it to 10 years, we still have to applaud those who try. Like the ladies featured in my “Dream Big. Start Small.” Periscope event this week.

Each lady was handpicked by me to participate. I’ve watched their business grow since we’ve connected. Their ideas, passion and determination is what makes their big dreams worth chasing despite their small starts.

Meet the 12 other featured women small business owners.

(click on their photo to learn more about their business.)

I know when I started Women Are Gamechangers, it was literally a quick thought that popped into my head and I immediately acted on it. But the krazy thing is, I didn’t have a big dream for it the way I do for my podcast.

I see my podcast as a huge audio platform where I can share my experiences and knowledge while introducing my business friends to my listeners. My podcast started as a replacement to another national tour I was working on. Instead I felt I could reach a wider audience while diving deeper into topics that need to be discussed. Thus the creation of my podcast.

I hope you join us on Periscope as each of us shares our big dream and how we started small.



Time Sunday

May 1


May 2


May 3


May 4

6:00-6:10p Vernetta




 La Trisha / La Tasha


6:10-6:20p Melisa








6:20-6:30p Vannessa




Brandi @mrsbrandihawthorne Renata


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