Does Journaling Work?


I could let that be the end of the post but let me explain why journaling works. Who hates to write? You, I know it’s you. Well exercising your writing muscle makes writing easier to do when you have to do it. Who cares about that right? You just want to know why you should be journaling in your The Truth Confidant™ Journal daily. Here’s why:

  • Increases your immune system which helps to reduce symptoms of chronic illness.
  • Lowers stress level and blood pressure to reduce time away from work.
  • It helps to decrease depression by removing the tape playing in your mind so you can be more productive.
  • It improves your problem-solving where your creativity is restored.

Here’s what journaling has done for me. Now I’ve been journaling off and on since I was a child. But it wasn’t until summer 2015 that I made it a priority. It was a slow process because I had to acknowledge my triggers and face my truths (in a Truth Power Session I can help you know how to work through yours). Then I had to fix things, let them go or suffer the consequences.


Why does this matter?

It will make sense.

Keep reading.

In October 2015 I made the decision to make this a daily habit. Not as a whim but as a way to clear my mind so I could focus on making the necessary decisions I needed to. As the weeks went by my stress level went down (not before I blew up on someone though; you should prevent that from happening in your life.) and I was able to realize what I needed to do in business. I decided to sell Women Are Gamechangers and put Fusion Tour on permanent hiatus. (Well unless someone wants to buy it and make it their own. Email me if you do.)

Anyway, journaling allowed me time to try out some ideas to see what direction I should go. I was able to jot down all the things I wanted to do. And now in 2016 I created a podcast, created The Truth Confidant™ Journal, incorporated the Houston African American Bloggers Association and will be a part of a mission trip to Haiti. These are things I actually want to do not because I’m expected to but are my interests and strengths.

All of this is happening because I was able to connect with myself and remove all the clutter that clogged my decision-making process. So now it’s your turn. What harm will it do to try journaling, especially when I walk you through the process once you buy my journal?