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Dream, Idea and Art Journaling

Sticking with this month’s theme about journaling to increase your productivity. This is part V in a 5-part series leading up to Detox The B.S. Summit.

Last week we talked about relationship journaling. This week we’re going to talk about creative journaling.

As we close this month’s series on the 12 types of journaling you can do in The Truth Confidant™ Journal this week is the complete opposite of the last 3 weeks and definitely from week 1. This is actually something you probably do all the time but not in a structured way. So let’s take the time to have some fun when we journal.

Creative JournalingDream Journaling is where you write down your hopes, wishes and dreams. All the things you want to do or get out of life. Now this may be hard for some people as dreaming as an adult isn’t that easy to do. Some of us have been stifled by life and thus we can’t imagine our wildest dreams coming true. For me a dream I’ve always wanted to come true is going to Haiti. And this week I’m headed there. It may have taken more than half my life to make this happen but it’s happening and I’m so excited about it.

Idea Journaling is similar to dream journaling as you’re writing things you created or thought of in your mind. While most people say they want to do something or wish they could, they never flesh out their ideas. This is where you write as many ideas you can think of. It can be anything. Don’t hold back. You’re not thinking of the end but the beginning. The end is what we talked about in week 1 in solution journaling. When you’re writing in your idea journal entry you want to think as far and wide as possible. This allows you to think past any limitations you may have blocking your thoughts.

The last of the 12 types of journaling I teach is Art Journaling. With the explosion of adult coloring books, it’s not that farfetched anymore. This type of journaling allows you to draw, doodle or paint what’s on your mind. Some people find this as a form of therapy. Others see it as a way to relax. As an entrepreneur, I say it’s what you make it to be. I taught art at after school programs and at a Montessori school. This is what I always told my students,

“Art is how you interpret the world. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just your representation to share with others.”

Of course the kids smile when they realized they didn’t have to be a perfect artist. As adults the same applies. Draw your interpretation of what’s happening in your life. The only person who has to know or understand the meaning is you.

Take time each day to try one of the journal types you learned this month. Journaling is more than writing words on paper. It’s giving power to what you want out of life. You can’t give power to what you want until you’ve created a plan to get it.

Remember to set your timer for 25 minutes this week.

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