Clarity From a Panic Attack

Slow down and FOCUS.

Last month, I had a mini panic attack. I was literally on the phone with a friend after I posted on Facebook that I needed prayer and I couldn’t breath or stop crying. She stayed on the phone until I calmed down and talked¬†me through what I was dealing with. The culmination of the most challenging year I’ve dealt with in business, the burden of personal decisions that has affected my personal life and the pressure to keep moving forward just got the best of me.

I took a few days off social media to just breath. I received lots of phone calls, emails, texts, messages on social media, etc. My community prayed Heaven down for me. And I’m eternally grateful. A cousin stepped in and helped me in a huge way and I will never forget what she and her husband did. That weekend I was just so much in my head that it spilled over. I felt I was drowning. But my community held space for me. I love y’all so much for that.

Through my silent time, prayer and listening to the Bible (my goal is to listen to the entire Bible by the end of 2018) I released a lot of feelings. I began working with a life coach as well. Someone I know who is going to help me release all the negative thoughts I have and embrace the manifested life I want.

Also during my time away I worked on the coworking community I’m building with my biz partner and finally decided the future of The Truth Confidant. The name seems to throw people because of what I do. So I’m going to clarify that. Yes, I am a paid event blogger. That’s how I started making money as a blogger. But I want to focus on being the friend you need when it comes to understanding how to more effectively use blogging, social media, events and marketing for your business. These are skills I excel in. These are things I have in-depth experience in. These are skills I am incredibly knowledgeable in. And can help you make the most of them. So that means I will reduce all that I offer to my virtual training you can purchase now, covering events, a consulting session with me and speaking. This will give me time to build up the other company I’m working on.

The coworking community is going to be unlike anything people have seen or know related to coworking. Too many of us are suffering from isolation or being in groups where we’re paying and receiving nothing that is actually advancing us. With my decrease offerings at The Truth Confidant it’ll allow me time to create the community I know I need today. At this moment.

I’ll share more throughout the next few months leading up to the February launch. But the truth of the matter is I excel at all the things I will consult with you on AND building communities that actually allow people to create long-lasting relationships. So why not be obedient to God and create this community he says is needed in Houston.

Knowing I’m doing what I excel in and it flows will also decrease any future chance of another panic attack. That panic attack was a wake up call. It showed me I was moving too much outside of my zone of genius for whatever reason I thought was a good one. Now I know that I can do all that I’m great at in a more concise method. That will allow me to give excellence without wearing myself out and/or confusing you with too many mixed signals. Which leads to anxiety if people ask what do I do after I just post something. So slowing down, focusing, sending a clear message and staying in my lane will help me not have another panic attack for the same reason or situation again.

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