Outside The House Documentary Review

I try to keep track of depression, stress and other mental illness articles, updates and stats as much as possible. Especially in the black community. So it was interesting to see this documentary pop up on my Facebook timeline. Why? There is very little information in regards to stats, information, etc when it comes to […]

Being Mary Jane: Niecy Needs To Grow Up

This season of Being Mary Jane I have decided to live tweet and write a recap of each episode I can catch. So far I’ve seen nothing but truths being explicitly exposed as well as many of my own aha moments. Now Mary Jane went into her own little elicit world to escape the stress […]

Being Mary Jane: Kara’s Supermom Struggle

As a single woman with no kids I couldn’t relate to the struggle Kara faced when trying to juggle making the meeting for her son and being completely focused at work. However, I can relate to her superwoman syndrome being an overachiever myself. There are a few things that touched me in this week’s episode. […]

Being Mary Jane- The Ugly Truths to Lisa’s Layers

Last night’s episode was one of the most emotionally powerful episodes I’ve ever seen on TV. I usually don’t like slow shows but this one here was at the perfect pace. It was slow enough for us to catch all the ugly truths that Lisa dealt with. But it wasn’t too fast where we couldn’t […]

Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 1 recap

Being Mary Jane is that one show on TV that speaks to an often neglected and isolated segment of black women. I know. I’m one of them. This show shares innermost thoughts that are often never shared with anyone or spoken outside of certain circles. While the season premiere had many dialogues to dissect, I […]

Beyond The Lights Star Characters “Drunk In Love”

Gosh there are SOOOO many directions I can go with this movie review. Let’s start with it’s NOT a knock off of “The Bodyguard”. It’s a beautifully written story of two people who unexpectedly found themselves in a situation neither should have been in and fell in love. The characters are so drunk in love yet […]

Many Rivers PBS Teaches True African American History

The past 6 weeks Dr. Louis Gates took us on a journey through African American History with Many Rivers PBS. This series helped many unknowns get due credit. It’s sad that so many people my age and older don’t even know our own history. We can’t be dependent on others to teach it to us. […]

12 Years A Slave

12 Years A Slave: Patsy’s Silenced Struggle

12 Years A Slave had another character that received attention but not as much as she should have. I know this story was not about her but Patsy’s silenced struggle can still be felt today. Patsy was attacked and insulted by the Mistress of the house for being the object of her husband’s affections. Now […]

12 Years A Slave: Solomon’s Universal Truth

Last month I had a chance to attend a private viewing of 12 Years a Slave in Houston. I was extremely excited to see this film. First, I’m a huge history fan. I love learning about unknown people, all they overcame and what they accomplished. So to no surprise I have never heard of Solomon […]

#CrazySexyCool: Pebbles Reid Anointed Vision

So last month CrazySexyCool: The TLC biopic on VH1 came out. As a huge TLC fan I was hesitant because I wanted them to have a film to showcase the true testament of their iconic status. Now the blogasphere has gone crazy calling Peri Pebbles Reid all types of names for how she was portrayed […]