The Fish Bowl Experience 2018

Houston’s first shark-tank like experience for veteran owned and college educated African American entrepreneurs. I attended because my mom was pitching her business. I saw a post about it and shared with a Facebook group I’m in for Houston entrepreneurs. But that’s about all the marketing I saw related. Hint, hint, I would love to […]

Clarity From a Panic Attack

Slow down and FOCUS. Last month, I had a mini panic attack. I was literally on the phone with a friend after I posted on Facebook that I needed prayer and I couldn’t breath or stop crying. She stayed on the phone until I calmed down and talked me through what I was dealing with. The […]

How To Cover Events and Get Paid

I’m going to teach you how to cover events and get paid now. That’s right, NOW! The first time I got paid as a blogger was six weeks after starting my previous blog in 2011. And it was to cover an event. I was shocked. I had done my research and knew that I could […]

Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Ice, ice baby. I hope you got the theme of this week’s journal entry. In slang lingo ice means jewels, right? Well, God dropped some jems into my life this month. By jems I mean he showed me that all I have been forcing wasn’t meant for me. I am meant for something different. Something […]

Sundae Blogger Social #SundaeBloggerSocial

This month we’re celebrating National Women’s Small Business Month. And I was able to work with Shaundra Webb of Dinjii Eyewear on the Sundae Blogger Social. It was a social event for influencers in the Houston area to help create buzz for her upcoming launch for her new sunglasses line. The event was a phenomenal […]

What is a Coworking Day?

Tia Randle and Vernetta R Freeney talk more about what a Coworking Day is, what happened at the last one and why you should meet us at the next one. We go into the coworking community we’re building in Houston and the importance of being part of a community you should add value to. Learn […]

Pray Pitch Package Interview with Day Edwards

This month I’m featuring events I’ve done or spoke at hosted by women in celebration of National Women’s Small Business Month. And this video spotlights, The Consultancy owned by Day Edwards. I had the pleasure of being the first guest on, Pray Pitch Package with Day Edwards. She and I talked about the relationship between […]

Should I Scale Down My Dream?

I’m scared to dream big. I’m okay admitted that I’m scared to dream big at times. I’ve experienced quite a lot of loss in my life. I mean major, dramatic loss. You are all aware of me documenting the drastic changes and how they effected my emotions this year. I have #NoShame sharing how I […]

My Life as An Event Blogger

Yea, this won’t be a post where I give you a daily schedule. If you read my Facebook post last month, you’ll know this transition from teaching, running a blog association, being a blogger/podcaster to being a full time blogger and Advertising Consultant has not been easy for me. It’s been a hard transition for […]

How I Managed to Blog for 7 Years

Whew…..where do I even start? So many people yell they want to be their own boss. They want to have control of their life. I get that. But do you know what you’re asking?   The emotional, mental and financial rollercoaster of the past 7 years has been exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. […]