S2E12 I’m Not Angry, I’m Ambitious

Episode 12 kicked off asking, “Has anyone said you look like an angry black woman?” with my biz friend known as @callherdonna online but in real life she’s Donna L. Johnson of DonnaSpeaks.com. My experience being called angry black woman and how I handled that. The difference between smiling and laughing. And why you shouldn’t […]

S2E11 Public Success, Private Failures

Episode 11 kicked off asking, “Do you sometimes feel like a fraud?” with my good biz friend Kim Handy, The Creative Entrepreneur of GlammGirl. First you have to check out these candles that we talked about in this episode. Speaking at the same event as Leymah Gbowee. When you live for other people’s expectations you […]

S2E10 Finances Frustration

Episode 10 kicked off asking,”Are your finances not keeping up with you?” with my biz friend The Creative Marketing Diva, Jasmine Powers of J. Powers Marketing & Publicity. A CPA helps keep your budget from getting chaotic. Know how to execute, find leads and be omnipresent. You will experience marketing mishaps. Have an ad carousel […]

S2E9 Pivot, Pass, Pause

Episode 9 kicked off asking, “How often should you pivot in business?” This was another solo podcast episode where I dive into uncomfortable territory while using basketball references to explain. Pivot- unexpected turns. Mine were this podcast and my journal. We don’t take into account the financial and emotional costs that are associated with making […]

S2E8 Who You Are vs. What You Do

Episode 8 kicked off asking, “Do you even know who you are?” with my biz friend Vashti Patrick-Joseph the Accidental Entrepreneur of VeePeeJay.com and Ven & Rose. Cnbc.com article Sharing who we are Who you are shapes what you do Are you the same person online & offline? Sharing everything about you doesn’t make you […]

S2E7 Launch Success and Flops

Promoting a virtual vs. live event. When weather makes your launch a flop. Digital vs. physical product launch Don’t always have to get paid for your purpose. Don’t have to chase purpose when you know who you are. Make money from your talents and skills to fund your purpose. Launch success variables How to handle […]

S2E6 Can Being Too Transparent Ruin Your Reputation?

Episode 6 kicked off asking, “Do you overshare your personal life to your professional audience?” with my biz friend Shayla Smart founder of Kingdom Woman Lifestyle. Sharing my personal story of depression has helped others deal with their own struggle. Don’t bleed all over people with your hurt. Facebook is not the place to bleed. […]

S2E5 When People Steal Your Ideas

Episode 5 kicked off asking, “Have you ever dealt with someone stealing your ideas?” with my good biz friend JoAnn Ajayi-Scott, the Iconic Entrepreneur, founder of Essence of a Lady. How I dealt with 1 organization who thought it was okay we share a business name because we were in different states. The importance of […]

S2E4 Life After 30

Episode 4 kicked off asking, “Did anyone else have a panic attack the day before they turned 30?” I’m hosting this special episode celebrating lessons I’ve learned since turning 30 as well as my recent birthday. These are my reflections of my 20s and what I’ve learned in my early 30s. Shared some big accomplishments […]

S2E3 Your Valley’s Make You Valued

Episode 3 kicked off asking, “What was the turning point in your life?” with my biz friend June Marie Smith and first international guest, the founder of Tajj Cosmetics. Shared our valleys and how they became valuable plus the lessons we’ve learned from them. Outgrowing family and friends when we’ve moved to entrepreneurship and they […]