S4E1 Sabotage to Change

Podcast Welcome:  A Toast to Truths is where I share the mental, financial and emotional frustrations of being an entrepreneur. This is S4E1 Sabotage to Change. Q:  Before we dive into today’s episode let me ask you this, how do you embrace change? Part I: Season 4 is about changes, transitions, endings and a new […]

I Was on Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast

A week ago one of the best things I have wanted to happen, HAPPENED!!! I was a guest on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. It was exhilarating to be interviewed by none other than John Lee Dumas. I started this journey with the Truth Confidant™ January 2016. I was in the middle of recording an […]

S3E4: No Handouts for Haiti

This is the last episode of 2017. I hope you enjoyed all 23 episodes plus the 2 intros.   My experience there and what I not only saw but took away. National Global Entrepreneurship Week concludes today. How to help with Hurricane Matthew recovery. Yesterday was World Giving Day. Here are some orgs you can […]

S3E3: How to Fight Business Bullies

As if we’re still in middle school. These people exist in the business world too. Let’s learn how to deal with them. Dealing with imitators. My particular imitator. Why called business bully? People who take your idea and spin it year after year knowing there isn’t much you can do about it. International Fraud Awareness […]

S3E2: The 2016 Election Aftermath for Black Entrepreneurs

Time for me to give my personal opinion as well as what I see happening for black entrepreneurs especially women I do what I do. Recap of election aftermath. National Entrepreneurship Day is November 15 this year. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is November 19. http://www.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-resolution/401 Solution:  10 things to do beyond the hashtag  HUGE NEWS:  I’m […]

S3E1: Black Women/ White Men Biz Sugar Daddy Relationships

Season 3 is about ‘Idolizing Ideas’. This season will be short. In just 4 episodes I will dive deep into some unflattering, taboo topics talking about the good, bad and ugly and how it affects entrepreneurs. So let’s begin Season 1 with… The supporters and obstacles faced. Who controls the money. Stats on black women […]

S2E12 I’m Not Angry, I’m Ambitious

Episode 12 kicked off asking, “Has anyone said you look like an angry black woman?” with my biz friend known as @callherdonna online but in real life she’s Donna L. Johnson of DonnaSpeaks.com. My experience being called angry black woman and how I handled that. The difference between smiling and laughing. And why you shouldn’t […]

S2E11 Public Success, Private Failures

Episode 11 kicked off asking, “Do you sometimes feel like a fraud?” with my good biz friend Kim Handy, The Creative Entrepreneur of GlammGirl. First you have to check out these candles that we talked about in this episode. Speaking at the same event as Leymah Gbowee. When you live for other people’s expectations you […]

S2E10 Finances Frustration

Episode 10 kicked off asking,”Are your finances not keeping up with you?” with my biz friend The Creative Marketing Diva, Jasmine Powers of J. Powers Marketing & Publicity. A CPA helps keep your budget from getting chaotic. Know how to execute, find leads and be omnipresent. You will experience marketing mishaps. Have an ad carousel […]

S2E9 Pivot, Pass, Pause

Episode 9 kicked off asking, “How often should you pivot in business?” This was another solo podcast episode where I dive into uncomfortable territory while using basketball references to explain. Pivot- unexpected turns. Mine were this podcast and my journal. We don’t take into account the financial and emotional costs that are associated with making […]