Anger: The Mental Illness of Entitled White Men

Before we dive into this topic, I want to make clear I am not a therapist or psychologist. However, I have studied mental health for years, am a trained crisis counselor, studied, researched & teach journaling and I am a person who has overcome living with depression for 20 years. So, I have some insight, […]

Peace Hunters

So, I binge-watched this new show on Netflix called, Mindhunters. I wanted to see what it was about. I was a huge fan of the TV show, Criminal Minds. And this show focused on the formation of the Behavior Analysis Unit within the FBI. Plus, the name itself is just intriguing to me. I love […]

My Life Is Mine – Tracee Ellis Ross

This article popped up on my Facebook timeline. I saw Tracee Ellis Ross and knew I had to listen. It was described as what it’s like being 45, unmarried and childless. She stated she opened her journal like any enlightened woman does and started free writing. A person after my own heart. That’s exactly the […]

Working Through Discomfort – Black Creatives

First let me say thank you to Melissa Kimble for asking me to take part in such a great chat within an amazing community. I’ve known her online for years now. The other two guest were Tiffany and Rob. They were dropping gems left and right. The chat was moving so fast I had to […]

Pass The Peace Like We Used To Do

If you’re a Martin ( and I mean the TV show) fan then you sang that title like when Mama Payne, her friend and Pam sang this song, lol. Okay let’s get back on topic. As we get ready to enter the holiday season, peace is what people want but often don’t obtain. We do […]

Not Having Children Is NOT Selfish

{WARNING:  Unpopular Opinion ahead which I hope sparks greater conversation about this topic.} So I’m randomly wasting time on Instagram as I do daily (I’m usually seeing what’s trending, news, updates, random funny posts, etc I am a blogger after all and run a blog association. So it’s my job to stay connected.) Anyway, let […]

Are You The Toxic Person in the Relationship?

This may be the most revealing yet hardest post I’ve had to write in a very long time. I realized as I was hosting the ‘Summer Journaling Series’ in my Facebook group that I was the toxic person in the relationship. That’s why I’m no longer friends with someone I was truly close with. And […]

Healing from Hurricane Harvey Trauma

Looking at social media and watching the news is just too much to take in right now. It’s heart breaking to see the city I love being washed away in a sense. But the strength and resiliency of the people is why I love Houston. It has been my home for 10 years now. And […]

What Is Detox the B.S. Summit?

The last few months have been nothing short of glorious. I attended TSP Live this month in Atlanta and came back ready to get back to the grinding attitude I had years ago. I was blessed to attend and not worry about paying for the entire trip. Then last week I won a ticket to […]

Advocating for Black Mental Health

This is a collection of tweets from the #thrivefiercelychat on Sunday, April 2, 2017. The host is Ms. Imani Pope.  It was a combination of therapists and advocates in addition to others who suffer from a mental illness sharing what they know, been through and ways to help others. As someone who advocates for black […]