Buying Black is Political

A few years ago I read, Our Black Year, by Maggie Anderson. It motivated me to begin to make more conscious decisions where I shop. It pushed me to understand why buying black is political.

I also made the decision to bank black as well.

As people continue to use hashtags to create movements, my question is always what now? What are you doing after the hashtag?

It’s time to really do more than hop on a hashtag. Understand why economics plays a vital political role for the black community.

We all run around calling ourselves Kings and Queens but lack power on every level. What are you the king and queen of exactly?

If you want to enact REAL change in the community then investing money in our businesses which invest back into building the community and electing officials who speak on behalf of our issues is the only way to go.

All these people praising black voters but won’t support black candidates, black pollsters, black voter grassroots efforts. This is why black business owners matter. We are the ones who can afford to host fundraising campaigns, dinners, contribute to campaigns, etc. Oh wait!! We can only do that if people shop with us.

So my question to you is:  What statement are you making when you shop?

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