Brunch And Books: The Circle of Fire by Justina R. Page

Hands down ‘The Circle of Fire’ is one of the few books to change my entire life. I was going through a personal battle earlier this year and just felt so hopeless. I’ve known the author Justina Page for sometime and knew she had written this book. Well at the screening for her documentary film I finally purchased the book. I wanted to support local women entrepreneurs and I had run out of books to read. ( #certifiedbooksnob here). But it took me a month to actually sit down to read it.

While I was going through my personal fire which has been the catalyst for this blog’s new direction, I pulled out this book. As I began reading it from the very first word, I felt as if God was speaking to me directly. I couldn’t put this book down. I would read until the early hours of the morning. I literally finished this book within days. And afterwards, I sent a text to the author telling her how she had just changed my life.

Reading ‘The Circle of Fire‘ has helped me realize that even though I felt my situation at the time was completely hopeless, it was not. I needed to know how to equip myself emotionally, spiritually and mentally to move forward in life. That’s where I always got stuck. I could never figure out how to get unstuck when I felt my life was unraveling right before my eyes.

If it’s one thing I want to takeaway from this book, it’s to know that sometimes your purpose is birthed through your pain. That’s a somber thing to say but it’s true for some of us.

This book was written to help anyone overcome any “fire” aka challenge that you are going through in life. Each chapter is a strategy to help you move one step closer to breaking free from that fire. Justina R. Page shares with such raw yet tender emotion what it was like to lose one of her children in a house fire and how her family found hope through the midst of this sad situation.


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