It Was The Best of Times…It Was The Worst of Times

I thought of doing a detailed recap of 2016. But why rehash a challenging, transitional year for me? What I do want to share are the 3 best times of 2016 I experienced and the 3 worst times of 2016.


So you know that I, just like you, am learning every single day how to be my best self, present my best and not let anything distract me from owning my best self each and every day I wake up. I want to wake up in a peaceful state of mind. I want to know that who I am is enough for me. That what I do for others comes from a place of knowing it’s my assignment in life and not something to do so the other person owes me anything.

So what were my 3 worst times? I want to start with them.

  1. Having the person I was renting from steal my money for months and find out this person was receiving an eviction notice. So I learned that no matter what, I have to be the steward of my own money. And to never sublease again. Sigh….the rent I was paying was so nice for my budget though.
  2. Feeling as if the community I had, left me. I had my biz bestie and my mentor from when I taught in public school continue to uplift me throughout this year during some of the most challenging times (especially quite a few deaths in my family and having to care for my grandfather out of town for 4 months). I was sad that when I reached out to just stay in touch the other people in my community were nowhere to be found. I learned that sometimes when you’re going through a hard time that I may have only myself and a few people who will support me through it. So, don’t put my hopes for a better tomorrow in anyone else. But to appreciate and be grateful for those who supported me.
  3. Dealing with the reality of transitioning the direction of my business. It has come with a lot of bumps and hiccups. Yet, I remain steadfast to do the work the right way. The financial implications were also hard to face and deal with. But I am learning that I must own control of my finances and not depend on anyone else to manage that for me. The lesson I learned is reaching out to others in the field you are moving into is helpful. I did just that and many are open to helping me and be a referral partner. So even though the majority of the transition was challenging, I’m learning that building a new community is a blessing. Just goes to show that everyone in your life can’t move with you in the next chapter. They served their purpose and you wish them well. And hope you served your purpose in their life positively too.

Now finally, the 3 best of times.

  1. I woke up one day and realized what I am supposed to do with my life. And now I’m doing the work to make myself the best in this field. I have never put this much work into learning, strategizing and actually doing the work. LIKE, EVER! But I’m so motivated to help those who will benefit from learning about mental detox that I will do what’s necessary.
  2. I finally went to the beautiful country of Haiti. I had the best time. You should check out the recap or listen to the podcast episode about it. I waited 20 years to go and it was well worth the wait. I never felt so at peace visiting another country before.
  3. Being able to go back to the classroom and teach ESL to students I absolutely love. I have taught ESL for almost 10 years. And this is always my go to way to invest in my business. That way I don’t have to get a loan. But I can do 2 things I love: teaching and investing in my business. That way I am able to build a business to help you mentally detox. And owe no one in the process. That only motivates me more, as I’m investing my own money.

So whether 2016 was a hard year for you or not, we all want 2017 to be better than the previous year. And who doesn’t want to begin a new year with a go-to strategy for success?