Being Mary Jane- The Ugly Truths to Lisa’s Layers

Last night’s episode was one of the most emotionally powerful episodes I’ve ever seen on TV. I usually don’t like slow shows but this one here was at the perfect pace. It was slow enough for us to catch all the ugly truths that Lisa dealt with. But it wasn’t too fast where we couldn’t digest what was happening.

Mental illness is such a taboo topic especially in the African American community yet Being Mary Jane masterfully exposed it. The rip of that band aid was exactly what was needed especially in today’s climate. As someone who is vocal both online and off about the stigma of dealing with Depression, I applaud this episode for putting it in our faces in such an eloquent way.

While Lisa dealt with demons that eventually led to her not being emotionally or mentally stable that is another taboo topic. We’ve been taught to hide what happens in our home from the world. Not to discuss what happens. Even with the people we live with. Well thankfully my mom didn’t believe in that philosophy. We talked whether we wanted to or not. She wasn’t having secrets in her house.

But Lisa, on the other hand, had to manage from a young age of dealing with molestation while her abuser still lived in the house with her. Too many times mothers choose a man over their child because they are afraid of being alone. They haven’t found their own strength and self-confidence to be okay with themselves. And that is harmful to their children. Plus when horrific acts of violence happens it will affect their children for years if it’s left untreated with either medication or therapy.  
When Mary Jane eulogized her friend and exposed the secrets that led to Lisa’s death was both shocking and refreshing. We can’t continue to live in secrets in the shadow of our truth. We must embrace our truths no matter how ugly they are. embrace our truths When I heard the wail after Mary Jane stated Lisa’s stepfather molested her for such a long period of time, I immediately knew it was Lisa’s mother. She had kept that secret and to have it exposed only showed her lack of protection for her own child. That’s exactly what that was.  
There is a numbness that I felt most of the episode and while writing this. It’s like I see they talked about suicide but I still can’t wrap my mind around the acts that led to it. We have to do better protecting our young girls from acts of violence. We can no longer pretend or ignore things have happened or will happen. That does no one any good.  
If you’ve been following my transition in life this year you know I’m on a journey to live my authentic truth. Last night’s episode of Being Mary Jane was that push I needed to not allow my fear of embracing the life I am meant to live to continue to hold me back. As a FB friend told me last night, “you can’t betray your soul.” And neither should you.  
So if you have a friend who is reaching out, embrace them. Remember you’re not a therapist but embrace them. Encourage them to speak to someone. That is not a sign of weakness but of strength to get what you need when you need it.  
Live in your truths no matter what they are. They are yours and yours alone. No one can ever take that away from you. And don’t allow anyone to shame or guilt you for living in your truths either. This is the only way you can be whole and healed living in today’s environment. shame or guilt truths Catch some highlights from what was shared on Twitter: