Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 1 recap

Being Mary Jane is that one show on TV that speaks to an often neglected and isolated segment of black women. I know. I’m one of them. This show shares innermost thoughts that are often never shared with anyone or spoken outside of certain circles. While the season premiere had many dialogues to dissect, I choose one in particular. The conversation between Mary Jane and her younger brother, Paul Jr. was authentically truthful.

Paul Jr. shared how certain silver spoon fed men don’t exactly feel they have to work for a woman. Especially if she’s complicated and challenging. I think that’s more men. But that’s just my opinion.

But what has stayed with me from that scene is the fact that someone, a black man in fact, stated how being a challenging and complicated woman can give push back to certain types of men. Yet it’s beautiful. I needed to hear that myself.

So my question is what types of men are not just attracted but want to stay with women like that?

Now personally I am both challenging and complicated. I don’t apologize for it. I had a guy tell me I was completely different from every woman he’s been with. Well sir, that’s probably the point. I’m no cookie cutter chick. And neither is Mary Jane. What she is, is beautifully complex and we just don’t see that enough on TV.

Well we do now thanks to a variety of shows that have burst onto our small screens over the last several years. But as a 31 year old black woman I can honestly say that seeing someone who is working her way up the corporate ladder but secretly yearning for her own family with that old school love and affection is what a lot of women want. We do. But the juggle of having both when you’re so used to being in control at the office usually doesn’t translate well over into relationships.

If you can leave with one thing from the Being Mary Jane premiere is that playing in the pool of self-pity won’t get you anywhere. You must walk into the destiny you want. And move people’s handbags out of your seat.

Catch some of the highlights from the show: