Being Mary Jane: Niecy Needs To Grow Up

This season of Being Mary Jane I have decided to live tweet and write a recap of each episode I can catch. So far I’ve seen nothing but truths being explicitly exposed as well as many of my own aha moments.

appreciate the village

Now Mary Jane went into her own little elicit world to escape the stress and frustration with dealing with her returning to work. But I won’t dive into that today. I want to focus on Niecy, Mary Jane’s niece who just seems to be lost at times yet fighting for her presence to be seen.

Niecy is a single teenage mom with two kids. I’m setting it up so you can understand the context of today’s truth.

Niecy has an older and younger sister. So I can see “middle child” syndrome here.

Why do I think Niecy needs to grow up?

When you become a parent your children are your responsibility no one else. Yes, a village is great to have. But oftentimes I see the village being taken advantage of. How?

It’s as if the village is expected to help with the raising of your kids. They are not. They give of their time when they have it and how they are able to do so. NOT, how and when you choose. You can’t tell others what to do with their time because you either want or need help with your kids.

I, and this is my personal opinion, feel that the reason there is no more village is because too many parents have exhausted their village.

If you haven’t noticed, Niecy often blows off the help she does receive yet complain about what she doesn’t receive. It’s her perspective of the situation. We’ve all done it whether it involved children or not. But what I can tell you is taking responsibility for your choices is your consequence and not for others to bare.

I thoroughly enjoy this show because there are so many life lessons you can gleam from it. But this week definitely was one on learning to appreciate the village you DO have and the help they do give you.