Being Mary Jane: Kara’s Supermom Struggle

As a single woman with no kids I couldn’t relate to the struggle Kara faced when trying to juggle making the meeting for her son and being completely focused at work. However, I can relate to her superwoman syndrome being an overachiever myself. There are a few things that touched me in this week’s episode.

I was really hoping it would be lighter from last week’s layers that unraveled to reveal Lisa’s inner battle. But alas, it still brought the necessary heat to spark conversation and tell truths that are often joked about.

Being a working mother whether it’s a necessity for your family or a choice is nothing to joke about or ignore. Too many women in this country have to wake up with the supermom struggle. That shouldn’t be. Now I can’t say that I’m on Kara’s side being late to her son’s parent-teacher conference. She was getting her socks knocked off. So she chose to be late. Or should I say miss that meeting. But Kara’s break down over the brownies was so much deeper than the brownies.

She said what I’m sure other moms have felt or wanted to say at some point. But instead of saying it they kept silent so they weren’t judged.

Being Mary Jane is that show that is so needed and I’m glad they continue to speak on taboo topics. When Kara stated she got married because it was in a better sense of words, expected. Then having children was an expectation. I too have felt expectations from others over how I live my life. But I never let me being single drive me to get married just to get others off my back. I deserve happiness just like you and Kara. Kara did what others expected of her yet it didn’t lead to real happiness for her. Instead it led to frustration because she now feels she has to choose between her kids and her career. No one should have to make that choice.

I do believe that Kara will be able to make it (I know she’s a character) solely on the fact that she finally released her truth into the atmosphere. That truth will no longer weigh her down. I know from personal experience that releasing the ugly truths we have to someone you trust is one of the most freeing feelings in the world.

While I couldn’t relate to Kara as a mom, I could relate to her living up to the expectations that others placed on her. Or that she thought others placed on her. If you don’t take anything else away from this week’s episode, I want you to know:

other people expectations

And Mary Jane is a good friend to make brownies in the middle of the night. That’s what women need. True, good friends.

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