April Showers ☔ Bring May Flowers 💐

April showers bring May flowers and I can’t keep up. Last month during the Spring Out of Stress campaign I led for you, I was constantly being attacked. I had to use every strategy and tip I shared with each of you. But I did them. And now the blessings are pouring down on me right now.

Here are some of the flowers I’ve received so far:

  • I will be an AT&T Digital Influencer at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Summer in Houston May 17-20.
  • I was also able to get all the members of the Houston African American Bloggers Association in as well.
  • I will be launching something related to journaling in July. You get the heads up.
  • I get to go back to teaching the types of students I enjoy and the subject I can teach all day about.
  • I officially was able to close Women Are Gamechangers. Everything was done including mailing in the money to close it, whomp, lol.
  • The Houston African American Bloggers Association officially launched this year’s blog bootcamp.
  • I get to attend the Traffic, Sales, Profit conference next month.
  • My podcast is doing amazing.
  • I made more money in April than I had in a really long time.
When I say April showers bring May flowers this month, I’m not joking. I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to bless others the way I’ve been blessed.

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