{Sponsored} A Trip To The Houston Auto Show

{This post is sponsored by Toyota. My thoughts of the Houston Auto Show are my own.}

This past weekend I attended the Houston Auto Show for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve never attended an event like this before. But I was curious to see what it was all about.

I went on the last day, which was a Sunday, and thought it wouldn’t be a lot of people. Who am I kidding? This is Houston. There’s always a lot of people around. So, this introvert had to just deal with that.

I went to the office to pick up my ticket from Toyota and stood in a line that moved quite swiftly to enter.

The moment you walked in there were cars upon cars upon cars. But what was nice were the classic cars in the lobby of the NRG Center and that people were outside test driving different cars. I decided against test driving because my clumsy self would be nervous something would happen. You know like bump the side of the building. Or run over a curb. Not that those things ever happened to me before.

When I entered the showroom, I walked immediately to the Toyota display since they comped my ticket. I did a quick video announcing I was there and took a few photos of the cars.

Finally made it to the Houston Auto Show. Thanks Toyota.

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I sat in the Toyota Highlander. It was by far my fav model of theirs.











Then I decided to walk around the entire room. I said if I was there I might as well see what all the other companies brought to display. And it was actually fun.

The ultra-luxury sports cars did not disappoint. I took photos because my brother is a fan of those cars. I made sure to take photos of ones he would like.





















I love classic cars. I’m kind of old-fashioned if you haven’t noticed. The classic cars were on the sides of the showroom. So, I literally took photos of the ones closest to the test driving area as they were absolutely beautiful. Then I walked to the other side and took photos of more so-called muscle cars.

Then I found my dream car. This was by far my FAV car at the entire show.

The energy in the room was high. People were there laughing, sitting in cars, taking photos, test driving and eating. There were many different food vendors. I saw families, friends who came out and father/son duos. This event was definitely something anyone who has a slight interest in cars would have enjoyed.

As an introvert, it was also fun to people watch. To see how so many different cultures, people, and families interacted at an event like this. People were all smiles as they were showing the people they came with what they liked. Or took photos.

As a blogger, it gave me great perspective of what Houston is really like and the way I can describe this city especially after Hurricane Harvey tried to destroy our spirit. Seeing all the smiles, hearing all the laughs and watching the enjoyment of so many people shows that the Houston Auto Show came at a great time to lift people’s spirits as we are closing out the first month of a new year.

Will I attend again? Absolutely. And I may even be brave enough to test drive one of the cars. <fingers crossed>

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