A Toast To Truths Season 2 Intro Episode

Season 2 of ‘A Toast To Truths’ officially kicks off today. The intro episode explains how this podcast is run as well as what to expect from Season 2.

After you’re welcomed to the episode you will hear a champagne pouring sound. Well the “toast” part is my obsession with mimosas. So you’ll hear reference to mimosas in every segment change.

I always ask a question to get you thinking as well as something you can journal about in your The Truth Confidant ™ Journal.

Each guest is introduced and I share how we connected. This podcast is specifically a business conversation between myself and my biz friends. So I don’t take unsolicited requests to be a guest.

what can you expect from season 2

We can’t have a good convo without popping some bubbly right? This is where we share a biz celebration we’re excited about.

The topic changes each week. But all topics are related to this season’s theme. That theme is “Your Weakness as Your Breakthrough.” This season has 13 episodes. So essentially it doubled from season 1. You can catch new voices, new experiences and new biz insights every Sunday June 5 – August 28. My first male guest and international guests come to the mic this summer.

After we talk for a while, then we take a quick sip. We pause for a commercial break. This is your chance to purchase my product or service.

Now we go back to the topic to dive even deeper. We share how we navigate out of a situation. I also talk about The Truth Confidant ™ Journal. You’ll learn more about my trip to Haiti.

Each episode is wrapped up with a final toast. This is when we share what we took away from what was shared in this week’s episode.

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Vernetta is the owner of The Truth Confidant. She is an outspoken Introvert, Blogger, Podcaster, Speaker, TV Host/Producer, ESL Instructor & Organizer for Houston African American Bloggers Association. MavsNation, Netflix Connoisseur. She's been featured on EOFire podcast, Madame Noire, CNBC.com as well as various websites, podcasts and blogs.

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