A Toast To Truths Podcast Is Coming…

I’m launching a podcast THIS month.

So what made me decide to launch a podcast since it seems like everyone else?

I know I have a unique perspective on life and business. I will honestly tell you what I think without holding back. And that’s not what you often see from all these online experts. They feed you what you want to hear so they get you to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

But do you really know what’s behind those doors?

A Toast To Truths” is my observation and perspective on business and the consequences I’ve encountered. I also have a friend drop by each episode to chime in with her own personal observation.

This ain’t your average business podcast.

We get down to really personal stories you often wouldn’t hear until “we made it” but it’s really important you know these things could happen to you or someone you know. Most importantly, how to deal with them.

I started vlogging in 2012 and I turned them into an mp3. I did what everyone else was doing. It was stuffy and lacked personality. I gave tips and thought that was what you wanted. In reality you need to hear the truth. And that’s what my new podcast will be centered on.

So tune in each Sunday from Feb. 7- Mar. 27 and see what we’re chatting about on, “A Toast To Truths.”


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