7 Ways To Crush It Like Powerhouses United Forces

If you’re a part of my newsletter, then you know I’ve joined forces to create Powerhouses United with 3 other amazing entrepreneurs. I knew it was time for me to up level. But wasn’t sure how until I met this group of ladies?  That has always been a stable of Women Are Gamechagers because women can unite and get ish done. And done well.

A few months ago we all got together (well this summer) and made a decision to work together. We didn’t know what that would look like but we kept moving forward towards our common goal. To work with action takers.

Then the conference was birth. And we went to work. Now if you know how I’ve shared (unfortunately I’ve taken down all Fusion Tour posts, smart move, I know) but planning and executing an event is a lot of work. But, nonetheless, we put the ACTIONS steps into play and Nov. 14 will be the end result of that.

Brandy synopsis

I’m so proud and honored to work with Aneechia, Brandy and Markita. You have NO idea what we have in store for you. But a very popular Houston photographer is going to make sure each person who attends leaves with a head shot.

You know why? When the media reaches out (part of what I will talk about) you need to be able to send a head shot. Not something you took off your iPhone. Professionalism is the name of the game.

Catch the notes from Brandy’s webinar and watch the rest as we move us closer to the Powerhouses United Conference on Nov. 14.

Watch the replay: