5 Reasons Work From Home Entrepreneurs Should Teach At a College

5 Reasons Work From Home Entrepreneurs Should Teach At a College

If you don’t know by now, I was a former public school teacher. I loved it yet left and couldn’t have been happier. If you’ve never worked or volunteered at a Title I public school in this country, then you don’t know the challenges we faced on a daily basis just to teach the students in our classrooms. Not all public school teachers are there for a paycheck. There is a significant group (who often go praise less for their work or unnoticed altogether) who do all that they can for their students.

Now I’m back in a classroom after 3 years. To say stepping back wasn’t without hesitation is an understatement. But last semester was my first full semester back in a classroom and this time it was college students. Adults. Oh, the difference that makes. Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so I’m back for another semester.

work from home entrepreneur
My first day of the semester look.


So why should work from home entrepreneurs teach at a college? There are so many reasons but I’ll share only 5 that will actually benefit your business.

  1. You get a steady stream on income. Let’s be honest, here. If you work from home depending on what you sell or how long you’ve been in business or even the time of year has an economic impact on your business. Since you’re not relying solely on the income you receive from the college it helps you add another revenue stream so you can provide for your family.
  2. You get to fine tune your specialty. For me, that’s writing and training. I teach writing and grammar. So let’s say I can see a vast improvement in my writing (and editing) not just this blog but the others I write for as well. Also I notice my pitches are getting better. I would have to say that being able to pitch better is a reason I was featured on cnbc.com. On the training side I am improving how I interact with my audience and providing instruction in a way that’s much easier to digest and implement. For you, it allows you to get paid to practice getting better at what you sell for your business.
  3. You get paid to practice public speaking. How many introverts hate public speaking? How many people in general do? If you are in front of a group of people on a consistent basis it does help you strengthen how you speak, your mannerisms, the tone of your voice and your nerves. Plus college students will let you know quickly if they like your class or not. So that helps you practice on your delivery too.
  4. You practice time management at its best. Last semester I taught 6 4-hour blocks a week. It was a lot. But in between the classes I made lists of things I needed to do and deadlines. It helped me focus on completing things. Why? My time was limited and I didn’t have any other option other than to get things done. I was able to actually accomplish more last semester teaching than I had accomplished the previous 2 years of working at home with all the time in the world to get things done.
  5. You’re in a climate of creativity. When you’re surrounded by different types of people with different ideals, thoughts and passions, this allows you to absorb and incorporate what you see and hear into your business. Often we work so hard to think of something out of the box when all we have to do is sit around others and listen to them share what’s on their mind. Then something clicks. We’re able to connect what we just heard with how we can help our clients/customers. It’s a beautiful thing when life gets easier all by listening to others.

Think of that one thing you do well and can share with others. Now that you know the reasons you should teach at a college, go teach at one.

I found my opportunity off Craigslist (yes, that krazy site). There are so many different types of schools in existence that can use skills just like yours. Take advantage of incorporating these reasons into why your business needs you to teach at a college and soon.


5 Reasons Work From Home Entrepreneurs Should Teach At a College

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