3 Challenges in my 90 Day Cycle

Why am I sharing this?

Because we often see so many success stories yet didn’t know/see the journey to get there. Another reason I created my podcast. Seeing success afterwards is nice but it doesn’t always help you overcome obstacles to get to your success. Seeing someone’s journey may ignite an idea to help you get over a hump that’s slowing you down. So here’s the 3 challenges I faced in my 90 day cycle and what I learned from them:

3 challenges in my 90 day cycle

  1. Repeating failed lessons doesn’t lead to revenue: I tried a few things (things I’ve tried and failed at in the past yet still tried again) which I keep hearing online are things that work to lead to new clients, more people on your list and/or revenue. I held a webinar and while I got some attendees I didn’t reach my goal. I did the research, reached out to the people who said they were interested yet none of that ish worked for me. LESSONS LEARNED:

Look to see what can be learned from what didn’t work. Take that skill and apply to the next move I make.

Find a coach who understands my vision to help me masterfully execute an effective process.

Online courses just aren’t my thing. Just because I’m a teacher doesn’t mean I have to actually have things centered on that. There are other methods I can use to teach. Like my journal

  1. Custom Journal Creation is a Beast: Crafting the actual journal may have taken me 8 months because I had a particular objective in mind. But actually putting it together in a physical form has not been a walk in the park. I send for quotes, get nothing in return. I call/talk to publishers/printers yet get added to their mailing lists instead of actually receiving a quote to print my journal. LESSON LEARNED:

I ended up self-publishing on a platform that may be a little more, however, it saves me time. So I won’t have to run around shipping journals or holding inventory. I was able to create 2 FREE courses to compliment my journal as well. I learned that time saved is money earned. And I was able to offer more to you in return.

  1. Folks drop off: One of the hardest things I’ve had to accept is friends dropping off. Knowing people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime is easy to comprehend yet hard to actually accept. Now this is NOT a selfish moment but a reality. Friends have things going on in their lives too. Personal things. So I (you) may not be a priority in this season. I have to accept that. Or our paths could be going in 2 different directions and we must part ways. On the flip side this 90 day cycle I had a lot of personal things happening while building a new business and a new blog association. So not only was my mind occupied with a lot of things but my personal life has had some shocks in my family as well. So any “personal” time I thought I had was nonexistent. That limited my availability to do things in a more social and professional manner. LESSON LEARNED:

I can’t be upset when someone leaves. People are free to do as they wish and make the decisions that will protect their space. I have to be okay knowing that I gave them the best of me and wish them well. If we reconnect in the future great, if not I treasure the friendship we had.

This 90 day cycle has been both challenging and full of aha moments. All I know is this was prep season for me to reach consistency in the future. I do not see it as a waste of time but more of a crash course on up leveling my business mindset.

Be prepared for Season 2 of ‘A Toast To Truths’ and the release of my first journal. Yep, I’m going to make ish happen,


On to the next 90 day cycle.