2016 Word: Simplify

It took me a minute to decide what my focus for 2016 would be. In fact, I actually began this process in November 2015. I was going with “No” as my word because I refused to do all I’ve done the last 4.5 years. But “No” is such a negative word (unless you are using it to not add more to your plate).

I want to put out positivity so that’s the only thing around me.

So why did I choose simplify?

I chose this word because I need to be in a monolithic mindset.

2016 word simplify


I know that’s the opposite of a successful, hustling entrepreneur. But I get to choose what type of entrepreneur I get to be.

I sat down and wrote out all I was doing at that time. It amazed me how I juggled running a business, a blog group, being an adjunct Instructor at a college, my ESL clients, a business partnership, speaking/traveling and family/relationship all while making Women Are Gamechangers a 100% debt free business.

I realized I didn’t have time for fun at all. So the only way I figured I could include fun into my life was to simplify my life. So as of right now, I’ve unloaded a lot of my responsibilities and feel so relieved. My mindset is to keep my life simple so my energy can be focused on the new direction of my entrepreneurial journey.

I chose to simplify my life so I can include fun.

This is my 2016!

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