2015 Word: Possibilities

2015 Possibilities 

It’s a New Year.

Please don’t say this is your year if you say it every year. Not to be mean but we’re about actionable steps that leads to results over here. Claiming every year is your year but doing anything to actually make it your year is pointless. However, 2015 can be your year.

I know what it’s like to have a desire but nothing come from it because I did nothing. Don’t let that happen to you. Working from home on a business you create with a vision no one sees but you can be daunting, challenging and isolating.

Now on the flip side, working from home can be seen as lazy, unproductive or just someone who has so much time to do for everyone else. Wrong! We run businesses. They may not look typical but they are a business nonetheless. And we, who work from home, have to learn to separate emotion from economics.

I run a business. Believe it or not but I do. So that meant taking a hard look at how I serve others and how I charge. Well things had to change. And they have. For 3 years, I’ve provided so many resources, connections, referrals, etc free of charge. I never asked for a dime. I want to help women get to a level of success where they are happy. But my consultant reminded me:

 I’m here to make a profit.


One thing to remember, I invested in myself over the last 3+ years financially. Have you?


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